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Quotes and Testimonials

What parents and campers are saying about camp...


Summer Camp


“Camp is amazing! I've been going there since I was 3 (Age 15 currently), and have participated in Ranch, Family Camp, and Explorers. Restrooms are sanitary, meals are always served hot and delicious, and the staff are some of the best characters I've ever met. Yes, there are mosquitos. It is camp. You can't NOT expect those. Anyways, keep up the good work!” -Sam, 2018

“I love camp so much, and can’t wait to come back this summer. This year for Christmas I got $100 from my Grandparents to donate to the charity of my choice. I wanted to donate to Storer Camps so other kids can go to camp like I do!” -Camper



“Our daughter is now in her second year of camp and loving every minute of it. Last year, she was struggling with separation anxiety and I was really worried about dropping her off. A week later she came home excited, full of great stories, and no longer anxious. Storer gave her the confidence she needed to stand on her own two feet. This year, she was floating three feet off the ground when we pulled into camp. Thanks again to the entire staff for making camp as rewarding and important an experience to her as it was to me.”  -Charlie, 2016

“First year that my daughter ever went to camp and she had a blast and can't wait to return next summer! Thanks for making her first camp experience so memorable!” -Michelle, 2019

“My children have been in love with this place from the beginning!! Awesome place for kids to develop confidence and learn about their strengths!!” -Mercede, 2018

“We were impressed at how professionally the camp was run, from preliminary interactions and communication, through our camper’s experience. He said it was one of the best things he’s ever done and not only does he plan to come back next year, he wants to be a counselor when he’s older. He said "If the FBI doesn’t work out, I want to be the Storer Camps Director.” Clearly it was a fabulous experience.” -Parent/Guardian



“I was a camper in my early youth, a CIT and finally a counselor later in my youth and the experiences have been formative. Many of the people I came up with at Storer are now in leadership and many of them are sending their children as I hope to do someday. All in all a first rate organization with the ability to shape and form the youth of America to be wonderful adults!” -Tim, 2017

Outdoor Environmental Education


“I loved going here! I want to go again, again AND AGAIN!! All my classmates want to go again!! I went there in November and I loved it. If there was another trip I would go. The food was delicious and I was a person who left my plate clean. It was that good!! The staff were super kind. My horse's name was Dakota!”  -Student, 2018

“I just got home from camp and the food was a 100% good!!! I went in 5Th grade. Believe it or not, we were the first school in 2017. Man I will miss that place. This is a 5 star place. I loved it and I loved all the staff!!!! I REALLY want to go there again and again over and over and it would not be boring at all. I loved that place.” -Donovan, 2017



“My main goal was to have my students bond with one another and become closer as a community, and this was definitely achieved. The activities really allowed students to branch off and get to know each other in a different way. Wonderful and helpful staff, very clear and organized schedule and expectations, amazing Health Center, engaging activities, terrific food and accommodations - it was all good!” -JPEC Teacher, 2019

“The staff was absolutely wonderful! We so appreciate the staff who is so passionate about what they do! When the staff gets involved in activities the students get even more excited about it! The staff go above and beyond to help and do everything they can to make it a wonderful experience.” -Blissfield Teacher, 2019

“The kids didn’t want to leave and had smiles on their faces the whole trip.” -FCMA Teacher, 2018

“Health Services were excellent.  They took care of some scrapes for one of our students and I never had to worry about another student receiving their medication.  It was nice not to worry.” -Holt Lutheran Teacher, 2019

“The students loved horseback riding. I appreciated how the staff was encouraging to one of my students who got nervous while he was on the horse. They helped to calm him down and reassure him that he would enjoy the ride. The student was so proud of himself for doing it!” -Blissfield Teacher, 2019


“This is my 3rd year taking my student council to camp Storer for our retreat and planning for our school year. We stay for two nights. The lodges are amazing and the food is great! The kitchen staff was easy to work with as we had students with allergies and special dietary concerns. All of the staff are so welcoming and genuinely kind and caring. We were able to use chrome books and the camp wi-fi to use google and share documents. Again the staff and facilities are amazing and my family and students felt at home!” -Tami, 2017

“Our youth has been going on winter retreats here for years. Always have a great experience. Very friendly and helpful staff.” -Mackenzie, 2019

“Women's Wellness Weekend, first weekend after Labor Day, was Absolutely Awesome!  I found out about it through the YMCA, but after the early registration deadline. It was still a bargain. My cabin was very near the water, food was good and well presented. Yoga, hiking, Nature walk, massage, facials and Reiki were most enjoyable.” -Margretta, 2017

“Our Girl Scouts loved all the fun and educational activities they were able to do!  The staff were amazing! Thank you YMCA.” -Kelly, 2018

“This place exceeded expectations in every aspect from the buildings, to the staff, to the property, all of it was top notch. Extremely satisfied with my experience! Thank you!” -Matt, 2019




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