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Our History - Motto Years


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During Storer summers, campers in Teen Camp as well as Pioneers and Explorers of Youth Camp learn about the Motto Years program. Designed to help our campers and staff develop positive character values, the campers each year focus on a different value and concentrate on how they can develop and grow that motto within themselves. The motto of the first-year camper is Enthusiasm: the laughter and joy of trying something new and discovering hidden talents; approaching every challenge with a positive outlook. The motto of the second-year camper is Responsibility: There is a time to laugh and play and a time to be calm and to reflect; knowing that one should take the credit, and the blame, for the choices one makes.

The motto of the third-year camper is Humility: One does not always get the credit for a job well done; learning that when you do what is right, the positive feelings from within are more important than having your name in lights on the marquee.

The motto of the fourth-year camper is Leadership: Determining the right path in life for you; helping others find the path as well--and realizing that your job is not to pick the path for them, but to help them find their own way.

The motto of the fifth-year camper is Service: The joy of enthusiasm, the seriousness of taking responsibility for your actions, the willingness to help others not for the reward, but because it's the right thing to do, and the desire to help others find their way. Put it all together to live the Camp motto of "I'm Third."

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