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Storer Staff Recognized

Staff Receive Awards at Year-End Toledo Meeting

Published Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Six YMCA Storer Camps staff members recently received recognition from the YMCA of Greater Toledo for their service and dedication to Storer.  Being honored for their full-time tenure with Storer were Kevin Knapp (15 years), Mickey Passmore (15 years), Lindsay Lewis (5 years) and Madeline Lombardo (5 years).

In addition to these awards were Cause-Driven Leadership Awards.  These awards recognize staff who have made great contributions to their branch and overall association in relation to the Y's three focus areas: Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.  Receiving awards for Youth Development were Lindsay Lewis and Madeline Lombardo while Derek Bycraft and Larry Spencer received awards for Social Responsibility.  Below you can read what each staff member was recognized for.

Lindsay Lewis, Youth Development: This camp staffer knew that sharing her love of animals would be a gift to children. She started a small animal program where youth are immersed in the care and comfort of small animals which has become the most popular program at camp. The highlights of the program are the animal parades and miniature pig swims in the lake. Thank you Lindsay Lewis for bringing joy to the lives of youth, Penny & Pearl, and Luke & Duke at Storer Camps.

Madeline Lombardo, Youth Development: This recipient utilizes her leadership and organizational skills to impact camp on many levels. Her meticulous planning allows groups to meet their organizations needs while experiencing camp activities which has resulted in thousands of dollars in donations. Her commitment to STEM education and activities have resulted in innovative collaborations in the community. With community partners, she developed a “Girls in Science” program to spark interest in professions in the sciences and a program that focuses on youth at risk of completing high school. Thank you Madeline Lombardo for your determination to use camp and what it offers to impact youth and strengthen community.

Derek Bycraft, Social Responsibility: This camp staff takes on the intimidating tasks of fundraising and development with focus and determination. He rallied support from the community to assist at a Michigan International Speedway event resulting in a donation to Camp Catch a Rainbow of $20,000. He also recognized a need for youth who have aged out of the Camp Catch-A-Rainbow program and launched a leadership training program so they can continue to attend this impactful week at camp and also give back to the community. Thank you Derek Bycraft for implementing your vision to strengthen community. 

Larry Spencer, Social Responsibility: This unsung hero works behind the scenes at camp. He leads a great team of staff that greatly influences the member and participant experience. He supplements his team by partnering with an organization with a similar mission to provide individuals with a meaningful work experience and prepares them for community employment. While it takes careful planning and coordinating this partnership strengthens individual, camp and the community. Thank you Larry Spencer for your making camp and all of its experiences, “For All”.


Congratulations to these award recipients and thank you for your service to all those who attend YMCA Storer Camps!


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