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Photography and Media - Frequently Asked Questions


We get A LOT of questions about photographs. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers regarding how, where, and when we post photos.



Summer Camp


Question: Where can I find the photos that you post?


Answer: We post all of our photos to the official YMCA Storer Camps Facebook page.


Click here to go to our Photo Albums page on Facebook.


If you don't see an album for the current session it's probably too early in the week and you should check back later.



Q: When will photos be posted/why haven't photos been posted yet?


A: We upload photos daily, but there is no set time for photo uploads. That said, photos do tend to be posted during the afternoon. The first batch of photos for a session should go up on the first FULL day of camp. PLEASE BE PATIENT. Our photography team is working hard and loves posting photos as much as you love seeing them. We try to upload photos in large groups, which means we typically only upload once a day. 



Q: Why aren't there more photos of my child?


A: Our photography team works very hard, but there's a limit to what they can do. Our photography team is small but determined, and every week they take on the challenge of photographing hundreds of campers. If you don't see a photo of your child, check back tomorrow and the next day. Our main priority is to ensure that campers are having a great experience at camp. This means that we focus more on the activities that they're doing than we do on documenting those activities. We recommend talking to your camper about what they did at camp once they get home. The stories they tell are far more valuable than any pictures we could take.



Q: My camper looks unhappy/there aren't any photos of my camper. Are they okay?


A: If we haven't contacted you, it's most likely the case that your camper is fine and is having a wonderful time at camp. Our pictures only capture a tiny sliver of their day. While we try to document many of the amazing things that happen at camp, we couldn't possibly take a picture of absolutely everything. Your camper is being supervised and checked on 24/7 by our counselors, directors, and staff. We will contact you if we have questions or concerns about your camper.



Outdoor Education


Q: My child came to camp with their school. Are there photos of them?


A: We generally leave photography up to the schools that visit us for Outdoor Education. We don't have a dedicated year-round photographer on staff, but sometimes we'll pick up a few good photos along the way. If there are any photos of your child and their school group they'll be posted to our Facebook page. We don't hold on to photos that we don't post, so if it's been 2 months since your child came to camp we don't have any photos of them lying around. The best way to find photos from camp is to talk to the teachers from your child's school.

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