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Activity Areas

We have many areas that offer specialized activities.


Some activities are seasonal*

Canoeing, Kayaking, Aqua Bike, Sailing*

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Our lake is nestled in a beautiful Irish Hills and is big enough for you to splash around in canoes, kayaks or aqua bikes.  All participants must wear personal floatation devices (PFDs), which we provide. Boating activities are available seasonally.

The lake is also a great hike destination and place for reflection or pond study.  Get out an explore camp!


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Our Swimming area is perfect for cooling off in the hot summer heat. Enjoy our diving boards, tower, and the Blob!

Climbing Tower

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Choose your challenge on our 50 foot tall climbing tower.  We have many "routes" designed to range from relatively easy to challenging  Participants can climb as high as they feel comfortable and our trained staff will encourage them and work to help them find the best way up.  The view from the top isn't bad either.

Ropes Course

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Ropes Course and team building programs are available for youth and adult groups, non-profit and corporate groups and summer campers (depending on program). Programming starts on the ground with group initiatives and low elements and escalates to high elements as tall as 30 feet.


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Our horses live at camp all year.  All rides are led by our experienced team of wranglers on horses that know our trails well. 

Horses are available to participants on a first-come first-served reservation basis. Resident campers with specific times for equestrian, Ranch Camp participants at the main feature of the program and group users by reservation through the group leader.

Archery/Pellet Range

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The archery range has shooting stations and equipment appropriately sized for children through adults.  Our staff will take you through archery safety and procedure rules, demonstrate shooting technique and give you plenty of opportunity to practice your skills.  Safety on the range is our number one concern.

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