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"Hudson Family at Storer"

by Julie Hudson Barnes



My family is the neatest!  We all have participated in the growth and usage of Camp Storer but in all different ways.  We all were at separate parts of the camp, and each of us had a special place.  Meredith and John Hudson, John, Jane, Jim, Joe and me, Julie, made Camp Storer part of our lives.  Each of us remembers what we did, but the years are a little foggy.



Unfortunately, my father passed away in 2014, so this is what my mother remembers.  She wrote, “John was on the Camp Board after we went back to Toledo - 1978, so I would say 1982-90.  John went to camp as a camper and was a counselor when he was in high school – older boys went to war.  From letters he wrote to me before we were married, he drove the camp bus – at age 16 – loaded with campers just about every weekend. 

The summer of 1949, he was business manager and I was office manager.

I know we took Johnny (my brother) and went up to camp in 1951.  Doc showed us where they had moved ‘our cabin’ and was using it was a day care cabin.  John’s comment was ‘That was our honeymoon cabin’ and Doc just looked at him in amazement – don’t think Doc ever thought of it that way.“


JOHN HUDSON (my brother)

“In 1967, I obtained the Cape Cod Knockabout sailboat from Camp.  Dad and I reconditioned it over that winter with fiberglass cloth and epoxy.  Bought a used set of Rhoades Bantam sails and trailer for it.  I planned to teach sailing that summer until I hurt my thumb and had to wait until August to get out on the water.   As payment for the Cape Cad, Dad and I reconditioned an old Comet sailboat for Camp during the winter of ’69-’70”.

7 years – 4 as a camper, 3 on the staff

1962 - Pioneer Village
1963 - Explorer Village
1965 - Trailblazer trip to White Mountains
1966 - Trailblazer trip to Manitoulin Island, Canada
1967 - Junior Counselor, Indian & Pioneer Villages
1968 - Counselor, Pioneer Village
1969 - Lakefront, Dock, Moorings & Boat Maintenance



“Camper for several years and then a counselor for two years  – Summers of 1969 and 1970.  I was in the girls camp across the lake.  I can’t remember what age group I had but it was probably 9-10 year olds.  I saw Judy and Jim Mohr one time after that – they came into the store where I was working in St. Johnsbury, Vermont”.



I have many memories from my years at camp.  The first years of my camp experience were during the Vietnam War.  Many of the older guys that I met were drafted and left for war, others returned from battle and struggled with that experience and took refuse at camp. When camp partnered with the Toledo Area Schools to offer an outdoor education setting to fifth grade kids, much of the weekend work crews time was spent adding heat and winterizing the cabins.  As the program grew, the north side of the lake (girls summer camp) was also used for outdoor education camp. Camp Storer (YMCA Storer Camps) became a year round facility with permanent staff.  

Below is a timeline for my activities with camp: 

1968 – Junior Counselor, Indian Village
1969 – Mohr’s Men
1970 - Mohr’s Men
1971 - Mohr’s Men, assigned to Ranch

Full Year:
1971-72 school year – Mohr’s Men during Outdoor Education Program 


1969-71 – winter and spring weekends during high school mostly working with Cliff Mohr [Mohrs Men], resident director over facility maintenance – he held that position for probably 25 years - , but occasionally at the horse barn when there were groups.



I was a camper for several years and then spent the summer between 8th and 9th grade as a Mohr’s  Man.  I took one or two weeks during that summer to go to the Ranch as a camper, and that is when I busted up my front teeth playing soccer.  That was also the summer of the first moon landing (1969) and I remember watching it in the mess hall on a black and white TV of about 12” diagonal size.



My recollection was that I was a camper a couple of times.  I am going to guess that is was around 6th grade.  I remember staying in the cabins, and I tried to get my first mate but did not succeed.  The next year, I was at the ranch and liked that.  We moved to Laurinburg, NC after that year, so I did not attend any more summers.  After I had moved back in 1978 and was married, I worked at the South YMCA in Toledo for over 25 years.


We all were so involved somehow each summer especially during the 60’s and early 70’s.  Then we all had new things to do.  Between marriages and children, these adventures will always be in our hearts and minds.  Camp Storer was a big part of my family’s life.


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