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Camp Love Letters


Back in March, we asked Storer Alumni to write a love letter to camp.  We thoroughly enjoyed the many responses we received and are highlighting some of our favorites each week throughout the month of May.  This week's letter comes from current Storer camper, Sam L.


Dear Camp,

It's been an adventure. Throughout my 13 years at camp, I've amassed memories so mesmerizing and surprising that they sometimes feel too good to be true. During Family Camp, Pioneers, Explorers, EcoCorps, Ranch, Rough Riders, the famous "Boomerang Gang", or sometimes just wandering around aimlessly and admiring the beauty of camp while my dad participates in a board meeting, I've come to realize that Camp has become my favorite place in the world. I've been to The Bahamas, Mexico, Montana, Florida, and The Virgin Islands - and somehow I just can't resist coming back to Jackson, Michigan to visit this little slice of Heaven on Earth. The staff, the facilities, and my fellow campers are amazing and I couldn't ask for better - however I believe the location is what makes camp so special to me and others. Whether it be the cool breeze filtering through the trees from the lake into Frontier, or the midday sunlight streaming into the Malachi windows, the weather always seems to be perfect for the occasion, even when it's raining, snowing, or thunderstorming. When the weather is bad, we enjoy it, perhaps more than any other place on this Earth. The perpetually beautiful sunsets over the lake viewed from South Side and the soft sand under my feet at the Oasis at Ranch remind me of all the incredible lifelong memories I've made with the friends that I still contact daily. Even when I'm staying at "The Love Shack" (or, for Becky's sake, "46 Herdale") I can still feel this sensation just because I'm within a close proximity to camp. That feeling never gets old, prompting me to exclaim "Oh My Stars!" as if Abimbola were standing beside me, and evoking a reminiscing of better times. Better times, where I laughed at DuJuan's hilarious jokes - he will forever be remembered in our hearts as a joyous spirit. So, Camp, Thank you for absolutely everything, because I promise I'll remember my spectacular memories around the great Stony Lake.

~Sam L.


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