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"Alumni Favorites"


In October 2019, we ran a Facebook contest asking our alumni some of their favorite aspects about YMCA Storer Camps.  We collected the responses and are featuring some of our favorite below.


What is your favorite season at YMCA Storer Camps?

"While my favorite time of year in general is fall, my favorite time of year at Storer is spring. The water levels are a little higher, the swamps a little cleaner, and the camp feels like it is springing to life. Back in my day spring meant more groups in to do low and high ropes course programs. Spring meant clean-up and prep for summer programming. Spring meant shedding the heavy boots and coats. Most importantly spring meant summer was coming." - Phil Wrzesinski

"The sounds, smells, and views of FALL at Camp: birds migrating, crisp evenings where the smell and warmth of a campfire is extra cozy, and the incredible leaves on the trees marking another season of beauty. Oh, and summer, which is also brilliant and full of kids' happy voices, warm lake water, critters everywhere, and falling asleep sweating. And winter, which is ah-mazing when you're bundled up and you hear the creak of the lake cracking late at night when you walk across the lake. Spring, not bad, not bad at all." - Jenni Lane

"Summer is full of warmth and basking and wild succulent dancing through the woods with heart friends!" - Bianca Caniglia

"My favorite season is either the heat of summer....or the beauty of the snow on the trees in the winter. Can’t decide. Every season has a special beauty to it." - Patty Lady

"My favorite season at camp has to be a beautiful November weekend. I love camp in the summer time but in November when the sun is shining, the lake looks like diamonds and the trees are turning… that’s my happy place." - Lauren Hite 


What is your favorite non-summer program at YMCA Storer Camps?

"I enjoyed Outdoor Education a lot! Coming over from Australia and seeing the different things Americans do to learn things is just amazing." - Ian Zilm

"Outdoor Education! I came as a 6th grader, and it introduced me to the joys of learning outside and learning from nature." - Madeline Miller

"Having only experienced Storer during working over the last two summers I would have to say Family Camp weekend. As a few of the campers and adults I spoke to told me that it’s their second most favourite time at camp." - Cameron McCririe

"Hands down, WOMENS WELLNESS WEEKEND! I just completed by 23rd trip to this awesome weekend." - Donna Gladwell

"The Women’s Wellness Weekend is the best weekend experience ever. It’s very rejuvenating." - Mariah Kay


What is your favorite activity at YMCA Storer Camps?

"So many options -- sailing, swamp stomp, Aussie rules football in Outback, devotions on the North Center dock, to name a few. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be getting up early to take kids on across-the-lake swims. On some days, the sky would be that perfect early morning blue, the lake would be calm, sometimes with mist rising off of it, and the birds would be waking up. It was a grand and glorious time to be on the lake, and it felt like the entire world belonged to you, the other counselor in the boat, and the kids doing the swimming." - Charlie Brown

"I love so many things about camp that it is hard to pick just one. If I have to it would definitely be the Starlab. The sense of wonder and joy that campers of all ages get from this activity never ceases to amaze me. Plus it is the most fun to teach." - Sam LoPresto

"My favorite summer camp activity would be snorkeling. More so when I was a camper, but I also had a lot of fun teaching it with my main man, Troy, this last summer." - Carter Weis

"Are you kidding you’re making us pick one!! Well I guess I would have to say SWAMP STOMP there is nothing better than walking through that nasty smelly swamp looking over and seeing some sort of terrifying bug in the weeds, or just before you get out the thickest mud ever that you end up just falling into, Then trying to be the person who got the most covered and taking the swamp monster picture after, and then for the next three days everyone tries to avoid sitting next to all the people who did the swamp stop, One shower is never enough." - Lilly Karolak

"Trail rides! I can never have enough of them. Combining horses with getting to see all the beauty of camp is pure magic." - Anne Brod

"Sailing.  I learned how to sail as a camper at Storer, taught sailing as a counselor there, and eventually went on to lead adventure sail trips at YMCA Camp Chingachgook. Now that I’m back in Michigan, I can’t wait to take my own kiddos for a sail on Stoney Lake!" - Natalie Price 

"My favorite has always been In Cold Blood/the critter room! As a camper I was overjoyed to interact with the critters, but as an OEE staff member, I loved that at least one person was always able to overcome a fear and learn something new along the way." - Emily Kraus


What is your favorite location at YMCA Storer Camps?

"The bow of a sailboat filled with friends in the middle of Stoney (between moments of absolutely no wind)." - Kim Schmaeman

"My favorite place on camp is the Frontier Forest. It’s best to hammock under the Cherry Tree." - Rebecca Rymski

"My favorite place at camp was the upper window of Emerson Barn on a moonlit night." - Diane Mason


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