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Stories straight from the source!


Anyone who has ever been to YMCA Storer Camps has a story to tell.  This is your opportunity to tell the world your camp story!


Each month, one story, authored by a Storer alum, will be featured on this page and in our monthly newsletter.  If you'd like to submit your story, send an e-mail to Derek Bycraft at dbycraft@ymcastorercamps.org with your story and an accompanying picture (can be current day or from when you were a camper). You can also submit your stories and pictures through our online submission form HERE (requires Google account).


"The Clark Ewing Saga"


While YMCA Storer Camps may be the "living legacy of Doc Miller", much of what Storer is today is the heritage of Clark Ewing.  Clark's eight-decade relationship with Storer is unparalleled and the lives he impacted is immeasurable.  For the next few months, we will be featuring pieces written by Greg McKee highlighting Clark's time at Storer, his influence on camp and famous "Clarkisms."

This month, Greg closes out his series by taking a look at the musical influences on Clark's life and a few "Clarkisms."



"The Clark Ewing Saga - "Muses & Clarkisms" by Greg McKee (September 2019)

"The Clark Ewing Saga - "Stories That Define" by Greg McKee (August 2019)

"The Clark Ewing Saga - "Guiding Principles" by Greg McKee (July 2019)

"The Clark Ewing Saga - This I Remember & Upbringing" by Greg McKee (June 2019)

"Stay at Camp Forever" by Collin Reimer (May 2019)

"Random Tales" by Derek Bycraft (April 2019)

"The Tale of Two Boys" by Phil Wrzesinski (February 2019)

"These Experiences Molded Me" by Becky Spencer (January 2019)


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